Christian Doppler Laboratory for
Automated Software Engineering

Component Architectures for Next-generation Business Computing Systems

Assembling systems from pre-fabricated building blocks has been regarded as an appealing approach to software construction since the very early days of software engineering. Although we have seen much progress in the last decades, component-based software engineering still has not reached a level of maturity that is taken for granted in other engineering disciplines. Originally appearing in Web browsers and showing its full potential by the Eclipse platform, plug-in architectures and systems represent a new interesting and promising approach for providing a successful component-based approach.

Adopting the idea of plug-in systems, this module deals with the conception and architectural design of a next generation business computing framework of our industrial partner. We develop a new flexible architecture, design approaches, development methods, and tools that will alleviate the composition of business computing systems.

In cooperation with BMD Systemhaus GmbH, Steyr

A Platform for Building Plug-in Systems Under .NET

Plux.NET is a plug-in platform for .NET which allows you to build extensible applications consisting of an ultra-thin core and a set of extensions that can be plugged into designated slots of the core or other extensions at run time.

Downloads and more information on Plux.NET is available here.

Rudolf Trauner SME Award 2007

In December 2007 our project received the Rudolf Trauner SME Award or the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce. See the picture.