Christian Doppler Laboratory for
Automated Software Engineering


The CD Laboratory for Automated Software Engineering is currently doing research in the following three modules:

Product Line Engineering for Automation Software Systems

Together with Siemens VAI, Linz and Siemens AG - Corporate Technology, Germany

In this module we apply a product-line approach to automatically generate software from feature specifications that characterise individual members of the product line. As a result, both software engineers and sales people of our industrial partners will be supported in planning and developing new product line members and thereby maximising productivity and minimising defects and economic risks. The novelty of our research lies in the combination of approaches for modelling stakeholder needs, product features, architectural elements, and variability, in introducing business decision making in product line engineering, and in an innovative approach for making product configuration accessible to non-software-experts.

Software Engineering Tools for Industrial Automation

Together with KEBA AG, Linz

The goal of this module is to develop software development and software engineering methods and tools for industrial automation software, in particular reactive control systems. There are two subprojects in this module: (1) domain-specific languages for industrial automation and (2) testing and diagnosis of control programs.

Component Architectures for Next-generation Business Computing Systems

Together with BMD Systemhaus GmbH, Steyr

This module deals with the conception and architectural design of a next generation business computing framework. Our main contribution will be to adopt the ideas of plug-in component systems and to come up with new flexible architectures, design approaches, development methods, and tools that will alleviate the composition of business computing systems.